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"When You Left"

March 30, 2022

This is your chance to get a glimpse into my brain!

Amongst the millions of things on my brain, the one that I want to share with you today is...a poem.


Every now and then I have a strong desire to write a poem.

I thought I would share my latest poem, as it ties into my work as a #designer.

Writing serves as a creative outlet for me.

It has taken me 8 years to really come to grips that my beloved mother, Rowan, really is ok where she is. For years I have felt all these emotions over the loss of my mom, and I've only just now been able to write how I felt the day she left.


Painting by Francis D.R. Coleman

March 30, 2022

“When You Left”

By Lily Coleman-Bondgren

When you left in 2014,

My world became smaller than it had ever been.

I didn’t know how to survive without you,

The pain was so real, I couldn’t face that it was true.

When you left, my world was no longer poised,

I could not handle the slightest noise.

I hoped and prayed this was a nightmare,

But when I awoke, you still were not there.

The pain was so deep, I needed you so much,

How was I to raise my daughter without your motherly love?

I needed to know that you weren’t far away,

But I couldn’t feel your presence, to my dismay.

Everyone told me you were ‘now’ with God,

But how could they be so sure, was it just a facade?

I didn’t know and I didn’t care,

I knew you were out there, somewhere.

When you left in 2014,

My world became bigger than it had ever been.

It took a month before I could feel your presence again,

Is that how long it takes to settle into Heaven?

It’s hard to explain, my world at that time,

It makes no sense, no reason, no rhyme.

How could my world get bigger and smaller all in a day?

It’s just so hard to say.

When you left, my faith was broken,

But eight years later my faith has awoken!

I know you are in Heaven, and that you really are ok,

Your spirit is whole, and you are not far away.

Your memory lives on, and your beauty surpasses,

I know you are helping so many in the masses.

Thank you God, for her time here on earth,

My Mom, my heart, my soulmate from birth.

For anyone struggling with a big loss, just know, you may not 'get over it,' but you can get through it.

I hope this can help any one who may be struggling with a recent loss or even a loss that happened years ago. A loss is a loss is a loss.

Sent with Kindness and Love,

From, Lily

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