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The $7000, 7lb Syndrome

May 3, 2021

This is your chance to get a glimpse into my brain!

Amongst the millions of things on my brain, the one that I want to share with you today is the concept of...

Gaining Revenue & Losing Weight.


It seems that revenue and weight couldn't be farther from each other in regards to the fact that, one you want to gain in and one you want to lose in.

But it just recently dawned on me, that here I am yearning to GAIN revenue but I want to LOSE weight! My brain felt as though it was being pulled in two different number directions!

And because I'm not a numbers person, I would honestly get confused with trying to gain while attempting to lose. I have decided to call this the $7000, 7 pound syndrome.

I have goals and dreams just like we all do. And as an entrepreneur it's especially important to write them down. At the beginning of the year I write down my goals and my dreams, and continue to do so throughout the upcoming months. But I looked at my list of dreams and goals and the number 7 seemed to stare back at me. I had $7000 more I wanted to reach until I reached a personal financial goal of mine. And I had 7 pounds I wanted to lose to reach my dream weight!

Don't get me wrong I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am. I am by no means overweight and I am by no means poor, but in order for me to feel a sense of accomplishment, I need to attack and achieve my goals, by a certain date.

Because so much of running your own business is dealing with the mental obstacles, I really needed to take a deep breath in and absorb the two, separately. I needed to Breathe in Gain, and Exhale Loss. Kind of like this...

I needed to think of getting my money to stick in my account and my 7lbs to not stick to my body :)

But once I could find the common theme between the 2 in that they both require creativity, discipline and ambition, I was able to focus on the fact that both "lesses" were actually gains. I needed to spend less money, which would = more money in my account and eating less calories would = some weight loss. A simple revelation for sure, but one I hadn't really put into action.

One can't expect to eat healthily for a week and lose an extreme amount of weight and in the same regard, one can’t think they can save for only a week and become a millionaire!

But it's the consistence, persistence, and self-control that leads to success for both.

Self-control is a necessity when trying to succeed at anything. I try my hardest to enforce it daily in my business and in my personal life. Without it, I would probably be buying the newest "as seen on tv" item and eating slim jims everyday.

So I you have the $7000, 7lb syndrome? Is it hard for you to focus on the gains and losses working congruently within your life? If so, I suggest focusing on the self-control part. Even saying no to the small things, trains our brains so that when we are tempted to say yes to the big things, we might stop...take a breath...and really decide if this will launch us into a gain or a loss. Or can we gain from our loss?

Thanks for reading this Blog to the end. I promised to share with you all a glimpse into my brain...even if it is completely ridiculous!

Until the next blog...stay Modest, but be BOLD & PRACTICE SELF-CONTROL!

# modestlybold #hallanddesign

Sent with Kindness and Love,

From, Lily

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