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Don't focus on the scratch.

August 12, 2021

This is your chance to get a glimpse into my brain!

Amongst the millions of things on my brain, the one that I want to share with you today is... Scratches.


I'm back at it! Only this time, I am writing as Lily Coleman-Bondgren.

July 22, 2021 was a magical day.

I share this with you not only because I'm excited about my marriage, but also because my husband has played a huge role in showing me how not to focus so much on the "scratches"of life.


Last ski season, my sister and I met up to go skiing. I was so excited, not only to ski with her, but also to try out my new goggles. The first ones I had EVER purchased.

I carefully wiped off my goggles, and was ready to try them out. I put them on, and to my surprise, there was a mark on them. I was sure it would wipe right off, only to find that it was indeed a scratch! Disappointing to say the least.

The day couldn't have been a more perfect day. Bluebird skies, and powder conditions. But all I could focus on is that darn scratch. You would have thought the scratch looked like this...

But it didn't. It was tiny. Yet I kept choosing to focus on that.

It was after a few more times up the chair lift that I said to myself "No more focusing on that scratch. It's a beautiful day. I am alive. I am healthy. I am skiing on a Friday morning with my sister. Life is REALLY good!" I was missing out on so much greatness by focusing on the one bad thing about that day.

In business (and in life), there could be a lot of scratches to focus on. And if we choose to focus on the "scratches" that ruined our day rather than all the good things that had happened, we are setting ourselves up for failure, before we've even given ourselves a chance to succeed and experience more joy.


Next time you are inclined to focus on the "scratch", immediately choose to shift your focus on something awesome.

It is just that...a C H O I C E.

Whether you're in need of peace of mind with your creative process, or a gentle reminder to not focus on that scratch, Halland Design is here for you!

Until the next blog...stay Modest, but be BOLD

& don't focus on the "scratch," whatever that may be for you.

Sent with Kindness and Love,

From, Lily

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