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A Unique Partnership

June 9, 2021

This is your chance to get a glimpse into my brain!

Amongst the millions of things on my brain, the one that I want to share with you today is... collaborating!


We are built from it.

I'd like to introduce you to Kelsey Flannery, owner of KaeRae Marketing. We have decided to join forces. Read on to learn more!

KaeRae Marketing and Halland Design, LLC, have joined forces to help businesses create and track successful marketing campaigns from concept to completion by combining eye-catching animated videos with hard data on performance.

What makes us UNIQUE? We’re approachable. And we genuinely care where your advertising dollars are going. We’re not out to just produce and forget. We want to make sure your campaign is as successful as ever, using proven analytics that support your video.

“We want to be accountable partners and this system offers a built-in feedback loop to help us analyze & adapt to optimize for all of our partner customers.” said owners Kelsey Flannery and Lily Coleman.

By bringing their complementary strengths together, KaeRae and Halland offer clients the ability to present exemplary motion graphics video design to be viewed on websites, social media, and YouTube channels. Over the course of the six-month project, complete setup and uploading are included, as well as reports in real time to show video view count, website tracking, and conversion rate. Ongoing video advertising is available for consistent promotion.

The most recent explainer video produced for us returned 10x, which outproduced our static assets by a 3 to 1 margin. So a huge win for us.” said Mike Mehlmann Co/Owner of BassForecast, the #1 rated bass fishing mobile app in the US.

KaeRae Marketing and Halland Design, LLC are two women-owned businesses with over twenty-five years of combined experience. Kelsey Flannery is the owner of KaeRae Marketing with an expertise in Google Marketing and data tracking. Lily Coleman is the owner of Halland Design, LLC a graphic design and motion graphics design firm, with experience working with major clients, nationally. Talk about girl power!

Until the next blog...stay Modest, be BOLD, GET ANIMATED & ANALYTICAL

# modestlybold #hallanddesign

Sent with Kindness and Love,

From, Lily

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